7 Black-Owned Urban Farms Making A Difference In The DMV Area

Fred James of ECO City Farms was recently featured in an article by blavity.com!

Affordable and convenient access to healthy, whole, organically grown foods is often scarce in poorer communities of color, and this phenomenon is not necessarily by coincidence. If the Flint water crisis taught us anything, it's that race and socio-economics play a large role in which communities are neglected and hardest hit by inequities in the food system. When it comes to safeguarding natural resources and advocating for food justice, our vigilance is vital. 


Thanks to a growing food justice movement, urban agriculture is taking off in major cities across the country. While the changing demographics inherent of gentrification have largely contributed to the inpouring of resources and support to remedy this longstanding issue, the benefits of integrating healthy, affordable, and locally grown foods into the urban ecosystem, can be beneficial to all. To that end, a growing community of black farmers have made it their personal mission to ensure that the ecological and economic benefits of urban agriculture are inclusive as they employ local residents, patronize black-owned suppliers, and create community service initiatives. Here are 8 black-owned urban farms making a difference around Washington D.C. and Maryland.



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- Ebony F.