Alsop Growers: Feeding 5000 Families in 5 Years

Feeding 5,000 Inc. is a newly incorporated organization that seeks to provide 5,000 families residing in Capitol Heights and nearby communities in Prince George’s County with fresh, affordable, naturally grown food within the next five years.  We are currently seeking the 501(c)3 designation. This urban farming initiative was created to play an active role in combating significant problems facing Prince George’s County through innovative, grassroots, and community-involved training efforts that address critical issues such as the growing food desert crisis in Capitol Heights and surrounding communities, poverty, limited job opportunities, urban blight, and crime.

This initiative was created as an urban agricultural operation in partnership with the City of Capitol Heights. Its vision is to hire individuals from the Addison Road Men’s Shelter to work with the Program Manager and Founder, Kevin Alsop of Alsop Growers, to learn the basics of urban farming and to gain skills and employment that will help them recover from the difficulties and hardships of homelessness.  The first plot is located within ½ a mile of City Hall and Feeding 5,000 is actively seeking new collaborators and plots to expand services, training, and access to freshly grown food.

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Fighting Food Deserts: Capitol Heights urban farm feeds families (WUSA 9, July 9, 2017)