Hope Honey Farm Appears on MD Farm & Harvest TV

“Maggie Mills of Hope Honey Farm in Prince George’s County isn’t your ordinary beekeeper. Sure, she raises bees and bottles honey, but her specialty is breeding bees—specifically, a process called grafting queens. We get an up-close look at how a queen bee ascends to the throne—and also learn why much of the food we eat relies on healthy colonies."

Check out Hope Honey Farm on Maryland Farm & Harvest TV (MPT) on November 13 at 7pm. Also, be sure to check out the scenery closely as Robin Hill Farm & Vineyards was selected for farm background shots for this season!

To view the latest episode of Maryland Farm & Harvest Tv featuring Maggie Mills of Hope Honey Farm in Hyattsville, click here.

Be sure to check the show schedule for any future appearances.