Local Winery Featured in Lancaster Farming

Lancaster Farming recently published an article, As Storm Clouds Gather, Southern Maryland Grape Harvest Begins, that features local winery, Romano Vineyard and Winery. The article discusses how wineries in Southern Maryland were preparing for the start of the Grape Harvest in the midst of Hurricane Florence.

“It’s been raining off and on for weeks and Hurricane Florence is threatening, but wine grape harvest cannot wait. The fruit must come off the vines before becoming susceptible to increased water uptake that can cause splitting, weather induced rot and the threat of damaging winds, so Southern Maryland growers are doing their best to work around and in the weather as they begin the 2018 harvest.

“Every year is unique when growing grapes and the 2018 vintage is quickly becoming known as the ‘wet year.’ It hasn’t been just recently that wet weather became a problem. Heavy spring rain disrupted fruit set, resulting in smaller yields. As we start harvest we are bringing in good quality fruit, just less of it,” said Lauren Y. Zimmerman, winemaker at the Port of Leonardtown Winery. The winery is a co-op that draws fruit from 12 vineyards throughout Calvert, Charles and St. Mary’s counties.”

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