My Grow Connect Links Consumers to Local Growers

What is My Grow Connect?

My Grow Connect is an online platform developed to help real people make real connections. My Grow Connect is the perfect blend of online social networking and resource sharing. The platform was designed in 2016 to create an online space where growers can swap by requesting or offering neighbors space to grow, compost, swap produce and share other valuable resources.

Today, My Grow Connect is developing into an online aggregation platform using resource sharing tools for the advancement of the Urban Agriculture curriculum created for the After School All Stars flagship site, Stuart Hobson Middle School. The resources gleaned from multiple sites in Maryland and Washington, D.C. provide a number of sustainable resources which educate and train middle schoolers to grow their own community-based food system.

My Grow Connect is also a collaborative partner, produce purveyor and founder of #PrettyBrownGirlPop, a natural lifestyle connection between local growers, value added producers, wellness healers, and artists.

As a local food purveyor, My Grow Connect offers services which connect individuals and families to a pick-your-own food service, providing a direct link between these communities and their local growers and farmers. For individuals, My Grow Connect can pick your crop on your behalf, and we are currently picking and selling to local grocery retailers, chefs, value added producers and farmers markets in Maryland, Washington, D.C., and Virginia.

My Grow Connect has farmed in Prince George's County in 2017 under the Beginner Farmer Training Class with ECO City Farms at their Bladensburg Farm with Lead Farmer Fred James. Small scale crop production was focused on value added goods such as Soilful City's pepper jell, made from ancestral crops like the Buena Mulata pepper plant, which have been passed down through many generations across the United States and internationally, and cultivated locally by a diverse group of local farmers.

For pick-your-own, volunteer and training opportunities contact