Prince George's County Council Approves Members Appointed to Serve on the Agricultural Resource Advisory Committee

Prince George's County Council approved the appointment of the following individuals to the Agricultural Resources Advisory Committee (ARAC) for Prince George's County: Steven E. Darcey, Daniel A. Donohue, Sarah E. Fulton-Smith, Homer Lovelace, Bradley P. Miller, Margaret Morgan-Hubbard, Jo-Ann Romano, Kimberly A. Rush Lynch, and Robert 'Yates' Clagett.


ARAC (CB-07-2012) was enacted to serve as a link between the farming community and local government. The powers and duties of ARAC are as follows:

  • Serve as the central point of information for the farming community regarding governmental programs affecting agricultural operations;
  • Advise County government regarding the effect on agricultural operations of existing laws, policies, rules and regulations;
  • Advise County government regarding the effect on agricultural operations of potential laws, policies, rules and regulations; 
  • Work to establish better communication and understanding between the agricultural industry and the community at large; and
  • Advise the County government on the implementation of state and local initiatives pertaining to development such as, but not limited to, rural legacy, nutrient management, and smart growth programs.

There is also a reconciliation subcommittee that will advise ARAC and County Council in the case of disputes in the agricultural community. 

Please join us in congratulating this group of experts in our local agricultural community. Stay tuned here for more details on ARAC's first meeting this fall. All meetings will be open to the public.