Streetcar 82 Brewing Company Makes Headlines

DCist has recently published an article highlighting Streetcar 82 Brewing Company of Prince George’s County. The article by Eathan McLeod boasts the brewery as the “First of it’s kind on the East coast”.

“A little over a month after pouring its first pints, Hyattsville’s newest brewery, Streetcar 82 Brewing Co., is bustling on a Thursday night. More than two dozen people are gathered at the space, a converted auto repair garage on Rhode Island Avenue, drinking inside or sitting at picnic tables or playing yard games outdoors. While some patrons chat aloud, many others communicate via American Sign Language, be it to heckle each other over games of cornhole or joke and chat over drinks. The brewery has become a hub for deaf patrons, because Streetcar 82 Brewing is the East Coast’s first fully deaf-owned and -operated brewery.

“Sometimes I come at five o’clock and it’s 90 percent hearing people,” Pepe Cervantes, a customer and Hyattsville resident, says. “But by the time it gets a little later, I would say it’s about 50-50.”

Burke, Jon Cetrano, and Sam Costner—all graduates of D.C.’s Gallaudet University, which serves students who are deaf and hard of hearing—co-founded Streetcar 82 Brewing Co. this summer, as first reported by the Hyattsville Wire. They named it for the 82 streetcar line that ran from downtown D.C. and along Rhode Island Avenue from 1888 to 1958, a route they learned had passed Cetrano’s present-day home in Eckington, Costner’s in Woodridge and Burke’s in Hyattsville.

Were the streetcar up and running now, “the idea is that we all hop on the streetcar and get together at the brewery!” Burke wrote in an email.

Streetcar 82 joins a small number of other deaf-owned breweries around the country, including Arizona's Lochiel Brewing and Oregon's Grateful Deaf Brewing.”

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