This Food Hub Leverages A Diverse Food Shed For A Resilient Future

“In Edible-Alpha™ podcast #41, Tera interviews Ron Williams, Jr., a farmer and food hub owner/manager with Dorchester’s Farm Food Hub, a for-profit cooperative located in Prince County, Maryland serving the Chesapeake Bay food shed. The Hub aggregates and tries to ensure consistent supply of seafood and farm products (fruit, produce, livestock) and then redistributes to areas that are historically under-served via direct delivery of fresh and healthy food options. This year, excessive rain is causing their yields of all products to be down, forcing them to plan for a future with extreme weather. Families on the upper shore of the Chesapeake are having their homes and businesses flooded more easily because of rising water levels.

Ron talks about how the Hub’s leadership wanted the products to be as accessible and affordable as possible to all of their customers. The Hub gives its customers lots of choice and flexibility, allowing people to chose what they purchase based on availability and their preferences. They started with 20 members in 2014 and are now up to nearly 500 consistent members in 2018. The average order size for their products is about $57 and 2 products.”


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