Buy Local

Why Buy Local?

Why is it important to buy/eat locally grown foods?
Buying local is good for you, good for the local economy, and good for the planet! Buying from local farms helps you get products that are fresher, and have traveled much shorter distances overall from farm to fork.  This helps promote cleaner air and water, since it takes less energy to transport products over shorter distances, thus reducing the carbon footprint on the planet.

In Maryland, if every household purchased just $12 worth of farm products for eight weeks (basically the summer season), over $200 million would be put back into the pockets of our local farmers. Buying local food keeps your dollars circulating in your own community. When you buy local, you help to ensure that the benefits of our farms survive for many years to come.

Please visit the Maryland Buy Local Challenge for more information and to take the Buy Local Challenge pledge.The Buy Local Challenge is a personal commitment to support farms by eating local.

 – ​​Southern Maryland Agricultural Development Commission