Farm Stands

Many of our agricultural producers in the County have seasonal or year-round retail outlets selling local products from their farms and sometimes those of their neighbors in the region. Often they are open more hours than a traditional farmers market which makes them a great choice for busy parents and professionals whose schedules often don’t sync up with local farmers markets. Check out the farm stands below!

Dorchester’s Farm Food HUB

We are a diversified farm and HUB that produces and aggregate farm fresh produce from Maryland farmers and watermen.

(202) 738-2859

Miller Farms

Miller Farms is a 267 acre farm that has been family owned and operated by six generations of farmers since 1840. The farm originally grew tobacco up until the mid-1970’s, where it then became a small pick your own farm. We are now Prince George’s County’s largest vegetable producer and a widely known farm market and wholesale operation. We grow a wide array of fresh fruits and vegetables. We also have free range chickens that produce beautiful brown eggs. Miller Farm takes pride in the crops we grow and providing our customers with beautiful, nutritious, and delicious produce.

10140 Piscataway Rd, Clinton, MD 20735
(301) 399-0168

Natural Nick's Produce

Natural Nick's is a family-owned Urban Farm, since 1952.
Heirloom Garlic & Artisan Italian Specialties.
"All Organic, all Natural, as nature intended."
(301) 775-9892

P.A. Bowen Farmstead

P.A. Bowen Farmstead is a small multi-species farm that uses animals to work and improve the land by harnessing the unique talents of each: the heritage-breed pigs clear wooded areas of the farm to create silvopasture for the dairy cows; the cows are rotationally-grazed each day and provide milk to make award-winning artisan cheeses; and chickens come behind to clean up after everyone by scattering the patties and eating the fly larvae.

This traditional method of farming requires no external inputs of chemicals or fertilizer, retards growth of pathogenic organisms, and vastly improves the soil. The leftover whey from cheese making is fed to the pigs and chickens, which adds amazing flavor to the meat. We use no soy, corn or other GMOs in our own mix of locally-sourced organic grains that we grind here on the farm. Our animals are exceptionally healthy and happy because they are allowed to be and act as they are meant to. Be sure to check out our website for farm tour info and classes.

15701 Doctor Bowen Road, Brandywine, MD 20613
(301) 579-2727