Prince George’s County livestock producers provide high quality meats, eggs, dairy and fiber. Most farmers graze their animals on pasture, a practice that is both healthy for the animals and the environment. Whether you are looking for lamb chops or alpaca fiber products, our producers have exceptional products to suit even the most discerning tastes.

In addition, several of our Prince George’s County farmers are in the Southern Maryland Meats program. Program participants must meet specific standards for meat quality and humane animal treatment.

AlpacaLane Criations LLC

Experience a woman veteran owned and operated alpaca farm where the alpacas are the "stars" of each and every farm tour. Visitors immediately feel the tranquility that comes with the alpaca farm life. Alpacas are shorn once a year; their fiber is then processed into high quality roving for spinning or felting or into high quality alpaca yarn. The yarn is then used to make super soft, warm, and hypo-allergenic clothing, scarves, hats, gloves, and other items. Our farm store contains many examples of these fine alpaca products.

We strive to organize events that are fun for the community and instructive about the amazing alpacas including their role on the farm, uniqueness as livestock, and great personalities. Contact us if want to visit the farm or host an event at a unique venue. (703) 401-1793.

15430 Mt Calvert Rd, Upper Marlboro, MD 20772
(703) 401-1793

Cabin Creek Heritage Farm

Cabin Creek Heritage Farm is a local, pasture-based farm raising livestock on grass and sunshine. Our animals are never given steroids, antibiotics, or hormones. Using modern technologies coupled with historically proven practices such as rotational grazing, we produce the highest quality products. We believe animals should be treated with respect, raised naturally out in the sunshine and fresh air; grazing on fresh grass, and under the shade of woodland trees. Our products include: Berkshire pork, meadow lamb (late summer/fall), heritage grass-fed beef, pasture-raised chicken (May-Dec), dairy products, raw milk cheese, and artisan ice pops. We offer direct to consumer retail cuts. Meat CSA Program & Buyers Club available through our on-farm store, farmers markets, and drop points. Our farm store is open year-round Saturday's 10-2 or by appointment.

18235 Clagett Landing Rd, Upper Marlboro, MD 20774
(301) 430-0170

Holly Grove Farm

Holly Grove Farm is a small family farm working to develop quality meat goats for show and sale. We also have a small flock of free range chickens who provide both brown and white eggs for purchase.

1183 Grantham School Rd, Mt Olive, NC 28365
(301) 602-8988

P.A. Bowen Farmstead

P.A. Bowen Farmstead is a small multi-species farm that uses animals to work and improve the land by harnessing the unique talents of each: the heritage-breed pigs clear wooded areas of the farm to create silvopasture for the dairy cows; the cows are rotationally-grazed each day and provide milk to make award-winning artisan cheeses; and chickens come behind to clean up after everyone by scattering the patties and eating the fly larvae.

This traditional method of farming requires no external inputs of chemicals or fertilizer, retards growth of pathogenic organisms, and vastly improves the soil. The leftover whey from cheese making is fed to the pigs and chickens, which adds amazing flavor to the meat. We use no soy, corn or other GMOs in our own mix of locally-sourced organic grains that we grind here on the farm. Our animals are exceptionally healthy and happy because they are allowed to be and act as they are meant to. Be sure to check out our website for farm tour info and classes.

15701 Doctor Bowen Road, Brandywine, MD 20613
(301) 579-2727

Pax River Alpacas

Pax River Alpacas sells alpaca yarns produced from their animals. Some are blended with exotic fibers and hand dyed. They also sell unique novelty yarns, alpaca socks, jewelry, and other gift items.

15775 Mt Calvert Rd, Upper Marlboro, MD 20772
(301) 627-4924

R&D Cross, Inc

Since 1927, R&D Cross has been Southern Maryland’s source for all of your farm, home and garden needs, carrying everything from feed and supplies, to mulch and plants. We have everything you need for your next project, whether its out in the field, in the garden, or around the home.

13801 Martin Rd, Brandywine, MD 20613
(301) 579-2449

The Alpaca Yarn & Fiber Shop at Pax River Alpacas

Since 2001, Pax River Alpacas has been a family owned and operated alpaca farm located in Southern Maryland. We provide our clients superior service, customized mentoring, and sound guidance on making their venture into a successful business. We are dedicated to you and can provide the quality foundation stock needed to prosper in the alpaca industry. Let us provide the knowledge, advice and guidance necessary to jump start your successful breeding program today.

15775 Mt Calvert Rd, Upper Marlboro, MD 20772
(301) 627-4924

Tripple Springs Farm, LLC

Our sustainably managed farm is located in Southern Prince George's County. We feature certified NPIP free-range heritage and unique poultry, eggs, and grass-fed beef. We want to help those who want healthy food, so we offer dual-purpose breeds of chickens, which are good for meat or eggs. Hatching eggs, chicks or adult poultry are available for purchase. We have been a farm bureau member for four years and counting. Our favorite part of being a farm bureau member is having the opportunity to meet fellow young farmers, and also those who have been established longer and gain wisdom and insight from them. We hope to see all of our local farmers thrive and provide meaningful and quality products for our local, national and international customers. 

13300 Baden Westwood Road, Brandywine, MD 20613
(240) 478-3312 

Villa de Alpacas

Southern Maryland’s oldest and largest alpaca and llama Farm. The farm – continuously run for over 200 years by direct family members – is one of four bicentennial farms in the state. Check out our store in a unique historic house filled with alpaca, llama, and knitted goods.

22410 Aquasco Rd, Aquasco, MD 20608
(301) 888-CRIA (2742)