Nursery & Greenhouse

Did you know that the nursery and greenhouse industry is one of the top agricultural industries in Prince George’s County and the state? Whether you are looking for seedlings to start your vegetable garden, native plants for your perennial garden, or bright colored annuals for your containers, you can find it here in Prince George’s County!

While we have a variety of growers with retail storefronts, many of our farmers have diversified their produce operations to include nursery plants. We hope the next time you add a plant to your collection you’ll stop by your local nursery, farm stand, or farmers markets and support Prince George’s County’s local agriculture and horticulture industries!

Behnke’s Nurseries

Ciminelli's Ecoasis Garden Center

Ed’s Plant World

Denison Landscaping & Nursery

Hampton Nursery

Patuxent Nursery